>Your Wildest Dreams

>I’ve been listening to The Moody Blues lately (is that indicative of my outlook?) and the title had me thinking about Dream Homes. Everyone seems to have one, right? As an architect, I find it hard to have just one, but I try and think through my ideas and sketch whenever possible so that when the time’s right, I’ll be a few steps ahead.
I’m a list-maniac, I mean maker, by habit, but for house design, I think less in list-form and more in diagram form. That said, I try and move through the space knowing the elements that are important to me and how they’ll fit together or take on different roles.
Another thought occurred to me the other day- Russian Constructivism. Odd, I know, except that in the economic disaster of their time, they took to paper architecture to explore their ideas. Many of these ideas were completely unrealistic and politically-motivated, but the point is that they didn’t just give up on design and become plumb
ers- they sought other avenues for design like the theater or graphics.
Back to my Wildest Dreams theme. I’ve had a sketch of a house for some time- it’s a two minute sketch
that conveys the elements I’d like to have in a house. The sketch itself is unimpressive, but I can’t help but think it’s worth exploring.

Maybe it’s my dream house, or maybe it won’t be right for my life when the time comes, but I think it’ll be my foray in to paper architecture during this slow period of my career. It will take the form of digital architecture, though- I plan to develop these ideas with Sketch-up, and I’ll update the blog from time to time with my progress.

PLAN, with Ground floor and Upper Floor.


By the way, that Moody Blues video is freaking hilarious and if you didn’t click on it, you really should reconsider that!


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