>I get by with a little help…

I’m proud to say that the exam went well yesterday and I mustered a PASS! I’m excited to be a LEED Accredited Professional and can’t wait to put this knowledge to work on a project. I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I was determined to spend every spare second studying and it seems to have paid off. A big thank you to friends like Cassi, Dawn and Katrina who graciously shared their study materials with me.
Now on to the good stuff. A few weeks ago I took off on a road trip with my husband and dog. We had a few destinations in Florida in mind, and we couldn’t have picked a better week weather-wise. It was gloriously warm and sunny and we enjoyed every second. We made it all the way to Key West and the 0 mile Marker on U.S. Highway 1. Being in the Conch Republic for a few days was such a nice change of pace. On a beach on one of the keys we came across some makeshift architecture- a structure made of driftwood and found items. It had walls, multiple rooms, even stairs leading to an eventual second level.

It’s a little difficult to tell from the photos (do I need to invest in a wide angle lens?) but someone has put a LOT of work in to this beach house. A ramshackle as it was, it definitely seemed to provide shelter. What I love most about architecture is that it deals with how we live and make the most of our environments. For me, travel is the best way to experience this.
I’ll leave you with this image from Laugier’s Essay on Architecture which argued for a return to simplicity and rationalism in building. Architecture history sticks with you!


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