>I designed myself

Have you guys been to this website: http://www.designhergals.com/?nav=home ?
I just found it this afternoon and had a fun 10-minute work break designing myself. No, not my 2nd life avatar… I tried that, D I S A S T E R. 2nd Life and I don’t get along.
But on this super-cute site, you can design a little image of yourself (or someone else) and then order or print your own stationary or labels or a whole slew of other things with the image. I am now using it as my representation in that About Me profile. That’s pretty much what I look like- frequently in a striped shirt, glasses, hair up, jeans. There are about a zillion combinations of body features, clothes and accessories- I bet you can make one that looks just like you, too. Or try making one that looks like Dwight, from The Office, who’s first life was so great he needed to have another one on 2nd Life.
Eventually I’ll be ordering some mailing labels, though I am waiting on that right now since we move at the drop of a hat…


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