>Mother’s Day Garden tour


Mother’s Day with my family was spent at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where a new Henry Moore sculpture exhibit opened last weekend. They’ve also recently opened a new Visitors Center and parking garage, both of which incorporated sustainable design practices and are going for LEED Gold status. In the Visitors Center I loved the giant rotating doors that merge the inside with the outside.
Can you see that amazing Chihuly sculpture hanging from the ceiling?
The gardens themselves are amazing and we all enjoyed discovering the Moore sculptures in the landscape.
In the photo above, the tall building in the Atlanta skyline between the sculpture is the “Symphony Tower” , also a LEED gold building.
The prize-winning roses from a gardening competition (pretty soon that is going to be turned in to a reality t.v. show, you heard it here!) were on display in the exhibit hall.
As much as loved walking through all the gardens and through the orchid house, I could have spent hours examining each of those roses.
Unfortunately, I had failed to adequately charge my camera battery (rookie-blogger mistake) so I wasn’t able to take photos in the orchid house, or for most of the afternoon, so I’ll wrap this up quickly. Part of the green roof system of the Visitor’s Center:

We had a terrific time exploring the gardens and I can’t wait to go again with a charged camera battery and several hours of a day to kill. My one complaint? Why do venues like this, who love to toot their horn about the design, give the architect so little credit? It should be part of their press release- I shouldn’t have to look in three places before finding it. Am I making too big a deal of this? It’s just something I’ve noticed happening all too often and it’s frustrating. I’m sure a team of people (architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors) worked on this expansion project for years, and yet it’s very common for them to receive no mention in a press release or printed materials. Until, of course, something goes wrong.

The Visitor’s Center and parking deck, by the way, was designed by the folks at Jova/Daniels/Busby and built by Hardin Construction Company LLC. The master plan for the Gardens’ expansion was designed by world-reknowned landscape architects EDAW.

Thanks for spending the day with me, Mom!


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