>Jumping in front of Architecture


Cassi in front of the Seattle Public Library by Rem Koolhaas and his OMA.

Cassi in front of the Experience Music Project by Frank Gehry. This was the first time I had visited Frank O. Gehry’s website, and I was pleased to see that he is hiring! I wonder how set on D.C. Dr. Jay is?

Cassi in front of the Chapel of St. Ignatius by Steven Holl.

This is a great photo because it looks like Cassi is about to jump in to the reflecting pool. I imagine that’s frowned upon.

You may remember my mentioning Cassi the Extraordinary… well, she’s been at it again. She recently visited Seattle and posted some hilarious photos of her jumping in front of notable works of architecture in the city. Since Seattle is another city I haven’t visited, I loved seeing her take on these places. I definitely hope to visit some day, especially since I’ve read and seen so many images of these buildings. Her enthusiasm for architecture is infectious and I am glad she is my buddy.

That was a quick post thanks to Cassi. Now I must get back to rooting for my Horns!
Hook ‘Em!


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