>Architectural Digest

>I was reading the July issue of Architectural Digest at my in-laws last week. I know- we designer types generally disregard this magazine as not avant-garde enough to be caught reading. I used to be that way. In general, it’s just a little too formal for me. And I use that word not in the way an academic-type architect would use it, meaning pertaining to “form”, but formal as in “fussy”. And too many ads. At least that’s what I thought when I was given a subscription back in college. I haven’t really picked one up since the subscription lapsed way back when, but I needed something to do while lounging in the hammock! This issue has started to change my mind, so either I’ve changed (likely) or the magazine’s changed it’s format (also possible) or it’s a little of both (probably).
I really loved the photos of this house in California designed by Marmol Radziner + Associates:

I go crazy for a rectangular pool with more grass than concrete around the edge. And all the glass is magnificent- but finished in a very tasteful, modest way. Check out the kitchen:
I love the table made from a work table, and that they lightened the cabinets up a little by using some textured glass. Here’s a bathroom. I dig that sunken tub:
If you get a chance, take a look at more of the photos found here. There’s lots of great folk art and Americana throughout the house. I also really liked poking around on the architect’s website- you, too, may also be inspired.

At any rate, if Architectural Digest wants to sponsor this blog or
send me a subscription, I probably wouldn’t turn them down. Good job, AD- keep it up!


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