>We built houses!

>Well, bird houses! I’ve been wanting to do this project for some time now, and the opportunity finally arrived on Sunday: a rainy day that screamed for a project.
It all started with these:
And the collection of these: We got about this far:

And, par for the course, a trip here was inevitable: We needed these: Eventually, we all got involved and there were three houses under construction at once. Everyone had a part:

The geometry began to get complicated:

And Rudy became a little bored and wondered why we weren’t building a house for him:
I hadn’t used a nail gun in a long time!
Here’s one finished project, Bart and Ree’s birdhouse. Isn’t it adorable? They weren’t prepared with a license plate, but threw on their hard hats and made due with some aluminum flashing. I don’t think the birds will mind!
Ree found all these tiny branches for us to make perches with:

Here are all three together. Can you guess which one is mine?Yup, that’s right.
If you want to make a birdhouse, we followed these instructions, though modified them somewhat to accommodate the different roof angles. If I make another one, I might use a thinner wood and tighten up the dimensions. Our first house, the one on the far right in the photo of all three, came out a little chunkier than expected. I’ll also be a little more careful with the nail gun (my craft was lax!) and sanding before staining… all just something to note if you want the creme de la creme for your avian neighbors.
Thanks for the help, family! I can’t wait to put up the birdhouses on our patio in Virginia!


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