>July wrap-up

>I’ve had some photos ready to publish for a while, so I am going to use this post to mash-up (yes, evidently that term is part of the mainstream now) some of the events in our life from July, pre-move. The week before we left Georgia we had the great fortune to stay at his parents house and see more family before we moved, and one of the day-trips we took with Dr. Jay’s grandmother, mother and one of the brothers was to Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest mountain. A lifelong Georgian, I had never been there! From the lookout point at the top you can see Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. We hiked the trail from the parking area (a mile-ish?) and managed to see a rattlesnake along the way! I am not a nature photographer, but here’s the evidence:After trekking to high places, we made a stop near Young Harris, Georgia to see some giant birdhouses, or at least that’s how they were described to me. I am not sure how my mother-in-law originally found this place, but she was insistent that we stop, and once there I could see the appeal. It was a mind-altering experience:

These are fanciful playhouses for kids, or giant birds, and someone has spent a lot of time creating them. This next photo might get me in trouble, or it will end up on a t-shirt, which sometimes happens in our family.

Moving on from that day, I wanted to highlight another great spot we were able to spend time in while we awaited move-in day. Friends (I’ll call them N and R) in Maryland offered us a room for a week in their palatial house, and we couldn’t refuse.

When we initially pulled in the driveway, we thought maybe the GPS had messed up the address, but no, this is definitely their house. And they really baby the landscaping. We got a tour of the plants- I am pretty sure they are better taken care of than our dog. We had a wonderful week with our friends, and were incredibly spoiled with the space.
This next photo cracks me up. They hosted a family get-together for R’s little sister, and everyone removed their shoes and lined them up by the door. R is a builder and comes from a family of builders, and either they are incredibly polite or have been trained really well to take care of houses. This house is for sale, by the way, and if you have any interest in residential real estate in Maryland, I’ll put you in touch with these folks.

Here’s R in their master bath, which they customized with frosted glass and a re-arrangement of the original plan.
How many sinks do you have in your home? There are 16 in this house. 16 sinks gives you some idea of how luxurious this house is. N and R were great friends to put us up during Dr. Jay’s first week of work, and we are forever grateful.
I’ll be back tomorrow with more on our current situation in Virginia.


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