>Friday eye candy

Dr. Jay knows me so well. He sent me this article this morning from the Wall Street Journal Homes section about a recently completed artists’ residence in the Hamptons. I do love a grey house, AND an L-shaped house! And you may remember my feelings on pools and grass. This house is incredible. It was designed for Louise Peabody and Edgar Lansbury, two artists who use the home as both a studio and a living space. Sounds like an assignment from architecture school.
It of course has access to lots of natural light and views, and is situated in South Hampton where so many artists of the past have gone to be inspired (did you see Pollack?)
. I’m sure it’s the landscape that draws them, and not the presence of those Real Housewives of NYC. The architect, Alex Stolz of Vaiday Stolz Architects of New York, happens to be the son of Ms. Peabody. Lucky her.
Read the article and definitely check out the slideshow. You’ll see all the ways they’ve emphasized transparency and light, but also used dark materials to ground the structure and make the house seem like it has emerged from the landscape.
Speaking of the Hamptons, has anyone watched that show Royal Pains on USA? I caught the first episode back in June, and loved the Hamptons house where a lot of it was filmed… I think it may be by Narofsky Architects of NYC.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. The technician from Verizon DSL just left, and looks like we have lift off, folks.


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