>And so it begins


First day of work?  Check.

Some highlights from my day:

I have a window at my desk!

I have either a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute bike ride for a commute, so I was able to come home at lunch and walk mr. Rudy.  I count myself very among the very fortunate, especially in this traffic-plagued area.

I have forgotten how to use Microstation!  I hope it will come back to me, but thankfully I’ll only have to use it part of the time.  I think.

That’s about all I can say for the new job right now- you know how it takes a while to get a feel for everything.  But so far, everyone is incredibly nice and I am very happy to be employed.

Now, please feast your eyes:


I love the bistro chairs on the wall.  We totally need that at our place.  Please read the rest of the article from New York magazine about the renovation of this 1869 brownstone with it’s garage door walls.  And definitely View the Slideshow.  I almost wrote about an Airstream again people- there is also an article pertaining to one on the New York magazine site- but I chose this one, so go figure.


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