>Friday’s post, a little later


Just pretend this showed up on your Google Reader 12 hours ago.

I realized this morning as we were taking a leisurely walk before the start of a busy Saturday that “Aghhh! I forgot to post last night!” So, I already screwed up my challenge, but Dr. Jay reassured me that having an average of one post daily for a month is what I should be trying for, so that’s now the new goal for the end of the month. Don’t you love it when people change the rules in the middle of the game?

This morning, while rifling through a week’s worth of newspapers to find some usable drop-cloths (more on that later), I ran across this article in The Washington Post Real Estate section about Larry Sabato’s home on the UVA Lawn. Sabato, a well-known political analyst and UVA politics professor, has the honor of living in Pavilion IV on the Lawn. It was a nice chance to read about what goes on in the Pavilions, and that he likes to sit and read (generally unnoticed) on his balcony overlooking the Lawn. He also lived on the Lawn in Room 16 East as a student at UVA. I wonder how many professors at UVA can say that?


It would have been nice to see more photos in the article, since they describe it as having two distinct styles, one more modern and one more Jeffersonian (I love how that’s a word. Like Academical, both of which you hear all the time in Charlottesville.) Check out the article though- the Post provides a pretty nice slide show with a few more photos than in the newspaper. I’ve never been inside one of the Pavs, but I’ve attended a reception in the garden of Pavilion IX where the dean of the School of Architecture resides. The gardens are some of the most pleasant places to pass the time, and most are open to anyone at anytime.

I’ll be back later today with more babbling, you know, keeping up my average.


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