>Kitchen love


This post is dedicated to kitchens. Oh how I can’t wait to design one for our house. This is the mythical house that exists in my head. Recently, Dr. Jay and I made up an extensive wish list for the house we’ll someday own. It included everything from the necessities (large mud/laundry room) to the extravagant (gym, pool). But, hey, it’s a wish list.

One thing I left off the list because I didn’t know it existed was this amazing shelving system for the kitchen:

DC kitchen

Now that is a beautiful kitchen. I love the light floors, the multiple ovens, the fireplace, and of course those incredible metal and glass shelves. Swoon.

This is from Darryl Carter’s D.C. townhouse, recently featured in Elle Decor. Who’s Darryl Carter? I guess he’s a designer in the area, but I’ll know his name now!

Check out the full slide show of his home here.

Another kitchen I am loving right now? This one, with it’s sweet ladder!


Look how it tucks right in to a nook by the window.




Yup, I am in LURVE with this kitchen!


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