>Living in the “right now”


I really enjoyed this post from Apartment Therapy the other day, the theme of which is “Live the house you want right now.”  Sometimes it gets me down knowing that we are still renters and will be for a while until we decide where to settle down (and have enough cash for a down payment!), but this article reaffirmed what I’ve thought for a while about renting, and that is to make the most of the situation and really maximize enjoyment in the space.  We aren’t exactly in our dream house, and there’s always some question as to how much to invest in a rental home, but I think it’s a quality of life issue.  So I don’t mind the time it takes to paint (even if it takes me two attempts at color) in order to improve how I feel in the small amount of square footage that we have.    That being said, after I read this article I started thinking about some things in our apartment right now that are not contributing to the betterment of my life.  Namely, a whole lot of extra stuff that we are not using.  I’ve made the decision to get rid of the boxes (yes, plural) of design magazines that have moved twice with me now and have yet to serve any useful purpose.  I honestly can’t tell you why I thought I’d need them, but I’m making it my mission to get rid of those items which are not part of my life right now (and haven’t been in years!) and also not to keep those items which will serve no future purpose.  Long story short, if it doesn’t bring me happiness, peace, or money, I am not going to hoard it.  It’s not going to be easy to get rid of those beautiful magazines (I think I’m going to have to do it quickly and without thinking, like removing a band-aid or jumping in to a cold pool) but I bet I will sleep a whole lot better without them weighing me down or crowding me out.

Good night!


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