>I think I can, I think I can


How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? I guess this is just about the time when most folks either bend or break around the new habits they resolved to form. I know I made several personal and professional goals for the year, and I am trying my best to keep the momentum by reminding myself daily what I resolved to do.

Recently I read a great article on RealSimple.com called The 9 Secrets of Motivated People. As someone who has attempted to run a small business (that being just me), trained for and run three marathons,and been on the seeking end of employment more times than I’d like to recount, I know a little something about striving to maintain motivation. It takes effort every day.

In this article, all the tips are helpful, though the two I indentify most with as helping me in my struggles with motivation are #7 Challenge yourself and change things up, and #8 Keep on learning. While working for myself, these were both very necessary habits but not something I realized I could channel in order to maintain motivation. As a runner, I use both many of these 9 techniques to stay focused on a goal, but hadn’t always thought to apply them to my career goals.

You may be able to see where I am going with this. 2010 will definitely be a career-changing year for me. And I plan to use many of these techniques to power through it. I’ll try to keep you posted, though hopefully you’ll be witness to positive changes on the blog. My one year blogoversary is coming right up next month!

What are you trying to stay motivated to do?


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