>Mid-Century in the Movies


Over the weekend Dr. Jay and I tried to go on a date to see Crazy Heart, but arrived a little late and the only seats available probably weren’t together (not date-worthy) so we ended up seeing Tom Ford’s A Single Man. 

A Single Man poster

We had seen the previews for this movie back in the fall and were intrigued.  Well, it’s not that romantic of a movie (if you are heterosexual) but the architecture is amazing.  Colin Firth’s character lives in a 1949 John Lautner designed home supposedly in Santa Monica (though it’s actually in Glendale, thank you Apartment Therapy) and the images from the movie are still with me.  I enjoyed the movie for the architecture.  That sounds like a completely ridiculous thing to say.


Look how the house is formed around the tree.  Incredible.



The house is for sale right now- it’s two bedrooms, one and a half baths, two car detached garage:  listed for $1,495,000.  Actually, that’s a steal compared to home prices around here.

If you’re wondering why I am posting in the middle of the day during a work week, well, I am waiting for the plumber.  He is LATE.


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