>my Etsy find


Last week I was browsing on Etsy (and thinking why don’t I buy everything from Etsy?) and caved with this purchase.


(Click for source)

It arrived yesterday and I’m pretty excited about it. This vintage-style map of North America is paired with a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and I plan for it to hang in (drumroll please) our Nursery! Yes, I’m making the official blog announcement that we are expecting our first child in July. We are blissful and happy, and hopefully my condition explains the sporadic nature of the blog these past few months. We’re beginning to figure out a nursery design (in the room that is currently an office/guest room), so plan to see upcoming posts on that front. I’m tending towards bolder colors as opposed to pastels, and we aren’t finding out the sex of our little one until the big day, so that is a fun, creative challenge as well.

Please come back tomorrow- I’ll have another (not quite as) exciting announcement and a first for the Babble.


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