>Weekend Thoughts

>We’re in New York this weekend spending time with good friends. I wanted offer a few thoughts I had yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to post:

Just a few Friday things on my mind. First of all, I found my new favorite song of the moment when I was searching for “White Liar” by Miranda Lambert on GrooveShark this morning. If you haven’t checked out Grooveshark, try it! You can search for practically any song and make a play list to listen to for FREE. I’ve really liked White Liar lately (yes, I was born and raised in Georgia and still have a country station preset in my car) so I thought I’d see if Ms. Lambert had anything else I might enjoy. She DOES. My new favorite song right now is called Airstream Song. Go take a listen.

Another thing that’s been on my mind this morning: Sierra Leone. Meg Duerksen of the Whatever blog (another favorite inspiration of mine) traveled there last week on a mission trip. Her first set of internet-published photos came out this morning, and they speak volumes. I’ve traveled in third world countries, and her photos are still shocking, moving, brave and sweet. Visit her blog today and have your outlook changed.


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