>Today is the greatest


Today has really been a great one, full of good news from old friends, new discoveries, and amazing connections.  I just love the blog-world.  If you had told me last year that this blog would lead me to this many powerful and affirming experiences, I never would have believed you.  But I’m glad Dr. Jay talked me into starting it, as I am with most things he talks me into.

What am I babbling about? Well, for one thing, the universe spoke to my question and I now have an answer.  The architect of Twomey Cellars in Healdsburg, California is Jacques Ullman.  The project won an AIA Chapter design award in 2004 and is featured in Wineries II:  Architecture and Design.  Mr. Ullman somehow found my post on the winery (which was originally called Roshambo) and answered my question in the comments section.  Thanks, Mr. Ullman!  If we make it back out to Northern California, I will definitely look you up.  And thank you, blog-world, for making the universe seem a little smaller once again.



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