>the first day of Spring


Let’s all think back to what we were doing on Saturday, March 20th, the first day of Spring 2010.  I was very lucky to embark on a trip to Lucketts, Virginia, a small town about 15 miles north of Leesburg known for its collection of antique shops.  The weather cooperated (though I can’t say as much for my allergies) and we had a gorgeous day of scouting out the scene.  Here are a few of my photos from the two shops we visited, The Old Lucketts Store and On A Whim, both of which had indoor and outdoor displays and merchandise.

001    002

So many things to do with old doors!

003 There were these outdoor sheds filled with goodies.  Check out all the chandeliers.


006 005

008 007

I know the above seems useless, but I can think of lots of fun things to build with those posts and columns.

010 009

Anyone need board shorts, Chuck Taylors, or half of a canoe?  That thing would be so cool in a little boy’s room (or a man room).

011 012

I really wanted that old hardware store sorting bin.  It would make a killer kitchen island.  I have to keep telling myself that things like this will still be around when we are finally furnishing our own house (or I am designing one for someone else) because someone needs to have this thing in their kitchen.

The Old Lucketts Store is great because not only does it feature these low-priced gems outdoors, but indoors they have already-styled pieces put together in rooms to show you how to incorporate them into your home.  I didn’t take any photos indoors (that seemed like it could be a no-no) but their website does a great job of enticing you.  Also, in researching this post, I have since found an Apartment Therapy post about Lucketts from February of last year. 

Though I had a great time browsing, I came up short with the main focus of my hunt:  an interesting piece of furniture I could use for a changing table.  In the end, I couldn’t find something that would fit both the size requirements of a changing pad, the size requirements of the room, and our budget.  I’ve settled for the path of least resistance and ordered the changing cabinet that matches the crib.  It’s currently in pieces, awaiting assembly in our soon-to-be nursery.  You’ll just have to wait for a post about nursery design (on a dime, in a temporary shoebox).


2 thoughts on “>the first day of Spring

  1. >I love the pictures. I love looking. Some amazing doors and posts. What a nice way to spend the first day of Spring. The web site you recommended was fun too. Nothing like a little dreaming. I would love to use doors in my outside area somehow. . .

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