>Latest Inspirations (distractions?)


Yellow Collage

This color has inspired me a lot lately. You’ll see more of it when I publish nursery images. It really just makes me so happy when I see this particular yellow. Whenever anyone has asked me about the nursery, I explain that there’s not really a theme (themes make me cringe) but the color that ties everything together is yellow, and not a quiet, pale yellow. It’s a bold, bright yellow, “like a sunflower or a taxi cab”, which usually gets me a confused look by whoever asked. Oh well, babies like contrast right?

Two other blogs have been great inspirations for me lately. One is called Better After and is a blog dedicated to Before and After photos of DIY projects. It’s right up my alley. If we had a proper garage or yard workspace, I’d probably be tackling some of these myself. Here’s one of my favorites, an old “entertainment center” (another term that makes me cringe) turned in to a play kitchen for a kid:

kitcheybefore and kitcheyafter

How sweet is that? Read more about that project here.

Another blog I’ve loved checking in on is BungalowBungahigh, written by a couple of architects (they’re a couple, and they’re architects!) about the bungalow outside of Chicago that they’ve been renovating for the past year. I’ve really enjoyed reading about some of the interesting projects they’ve taken on, they update it fairly frequently, and they’re brief and to the point, which lately gets major kudos in my book. I find too many distractions, which I like to call “inspirations”.

Any great blogs or projects that have inspired you lately? What about colors?

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