>Don’t get excited


But somehow I’m pulling off a blog post today. I’m determined. I can’t say this will happen regularly (still working on this whole “schedule” with a baby) but I’d like it to happen at least once in a blue moon.

Yes, we had our beautiful baby boy in early August. He’s a joy and a handful and Dr. Jay doesn’t want me to mix baby and blog so I won’t say much other than we love our family and it keeps us B-U-S-Y. I don’t really have to spell things out around here yet, just practicin’.

What got me on the blog today, besides a baby napping in his crib (!!!!!!) and not on me for once? Well, trolling around on the interweb, I read through my first online magazine. I am so incredibly impressed by Southern Flourish. And inspired. I don’t own a Kindle or an iPad, and frankly thought reading a magazine online could never be fun, but I was so so wrong. It’s so easy to page through and the images are crisp and clear. I also love that it’s free to look through a magazine like Southern Flourish and that they feature up-and-coming designers (all Southerners, I believe) who I’d probably never hear about otherwise. I read about it over on Young House Love, bloggers who are featured with a “Day in the Life Of” article that the magazine (is there a term for online magazine that I don’t know about?) seems to do regularly. I enjoyed reading about the days of a few other interesting Southerners.

In short (cause I have to be short these days) if you’ve never flipped through an online magazine, now’s the time. It’ll change your life. Well, that’s probably an overstatement, but I bet it will change your attitude about online magazine reading.

Southern Flourish, are you looking for any new writers?

Cue the baby waking up.


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