>the Canadians


I mentioned the Canadians are taking over HGTV.  Have you noticed how many shows are hosted by Canadians now?  There’s our beloved Sandra Rinomato from Property Virgins, Carter Osterhouse from Carter Can and Red Hot & Green, that guy (Scott McGillivray) from that stupid rental show (Income Property), of course Candace Olson from Divine Design (love her, but why does she always use quartz for her solid surface countertops?  I ponder things like this), and Sarah Richardson from Sarah’s House and Design, Inc.  Am I missing anyone?

Our neighbors to the North really are not so different from us in terms of design aesthetic, though I do crack up when I hear them pronounce the word “house” and see spellings like “favourite”.  I spent the better part of my son’s naptime the other day researching Sarah Richardson, as she is my current interior design hero.  I absolutely love watching Sarah’s House, a show in which she renovates a house room by room, each one being an episode of the show.


She’s a snappy dresser, too.

There have been two seasons of Sarah’s House so far:  one of which she renovates and creates an addition for a 100 year-old farmhouse and one in which she remodels a 60s era split-level (or back-split as the Canadians call it) house.  I can’t decide which one I like more.  The farmhouse has incredible character, a beautiful setting, and she’s managed to update it and make it functional without mitigating its charm in any way.  Click here for a slideshow of photos and inspiration from the farmhouse. 

And the 60s home retains its ranch-style cool while gaining light and a functional basement with a gorgeous laundry room, storage and guest suite.  Here’s an image from the guest bedroom.  I really love the green, black and white color (colour?) scheme.

See more images here.

Here’s a bathroom from the portfolio on her website.  This project is known as the “Hilltop Contemporary”.  Sounds like my perfect dwelling.

hilltop-contemporary-master-bathroom-image1 hilltop-contemporary-master-bathroom-image2

hilltop-contemporary-master-bathroom-detail Isn’t that marble penny-round tile incredible?

Sarah’s style is practical, innovative and pretty.  She reminds me a little bit of Mary Poppins.  And I love her side-kick, Tommy.  Would he be the shorter version of Bert to her Mary P?  hmmmmmm.


Some other cool things about Sarah?  Well, she started her career as a prop stylist and set decorator.  That sounds like such a fun job.  She’s a mom of two daughters and has a solar-powered weekend home on an island.  Ummmm, SUPER COOL. 

AND, from checking out her website, it looks like there will be a new show called Sarah’s Cottage chronicling her work on the off-the-grid house.  I can’t wait.  HGTV, you better bring it to me.

+++All photos courtesy of HGTV.com and SarahRichardsonDesign.com+++


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