>Happy Valentine’s and a little Etsy Love


Just wanted to take the time to let you, dear readers, know how much I love ya and need ya!  Thanks for continuing to read the babbles of this sporadic blogger.  And I want to publicly thank my good friend, Carina, for helping me beautify and clean up my site.  If you haven’t visited lately and are reading this through Reader or some sort of RSS feed, please stop by and check out my new digs.  Carina, of Little Bird Creative, is a wonderful and patient designer who’s been helping me wade through HTML.  She’s really spiffed up the Babble and I am very grateful!

Visit her shop on Etsy to find beautiful, handmade letterpress cards like this one


and this one


She also does custom work, so check her out!

Another Etsy find of late:  the art of Kiki and Polly.  I am in love.  Here are just a few of my favorites.





I kind of really want that last one for Mark’s room.

Hope you are having a day filled with those you love!  I know I am.


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