My crazy night out

[image courtesy of Carina]

Tuesday night’s workshop at Red Barn Mercantile was so fun!  There were about 10 folks in attendance (including my dear friends Brandy and Carina), and all had great questions!  The discussion lasted almost two hours, and we covered everything from compiling a house wish-list on Pinterest, the design process, choosing a contractor, and almost everything in between.

Before the workshop, Lindsey and I brainstormed to come up with four topics we thought we could cover:

  1. Know Thyself
  2. Research, Research, Research
  3.  Working with an Architect
  4. What to Expect from the Process

Lindsey was a rockstar and created a hand-out further detailing these topics.  I provided two hand-outs:  “20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Started” and “20 Questions to Ask an Architect”, both of which I found on the AIA Austin website- check them out here.

We discussed the wonderful resource of local AIA offices, which are not just for architects!  The office for Northern Virginia is right in Old Town, and they also occasionally hold workshops like “How to Work with an Architect”.  But, as Amy said, will they have wine and cheese and comfy sofas to sit on?

I answered some of the more technical questions (like “What’s the difference between an architect and a designer?”) and Lindsey provided anecdotal thoughts from her experience watching her parents work with an architect on both renovations and a new construction project.  Hopefully we provided some insight into the process of hiring and working with an architect.  I think it’s so incredible that Amy, the owner of RBM, hosts these workshops for the community. Thanks, Amy- I had a great time!

If you have any questions about how to hire an architect, feel free to email me.  Maybe I’ll take this show on the road!


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