Sprucing up the bathroom

Hello blogworld!  I know, it’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I’m busy, you’re busy.  I get it.  Can we still be friends?  Good, because I have something fun and (gasp) architecture-related to share with you. 

You all know how I’m a patron of the arts and everything, right?  I shop on Etsy.  Well, a few months back we were blessed with a brand-new bathroom courtesy of our landlady.  Things had been going down the you-know-where in there for a while and she stepped in and decided to completely replace everything while we were on an extended trip in California.  Wonderful.  Except that all the art and furnishings I had in the previous bathroom (which was a minty-hospital green with a lot of white tile) no longer seemed right in the new, very-neutral large-format tile with mosaic border bathroom.  My framed stamps and watercolor art were childish in there.  So I decided Etsy would help me.  I searched for “architectural drawings” hoping to find a line drawing that would save me from neutrality boredom.  Here’s what I found that eventually made its way to our bathroom:


It’s a construction drawing of a horseshoe.  Isn’t that clever?  We have a thing for horseshoes in this house.  There have been multiple discussions about them, and which way they should hang over the doorway for good luck.  So I framed this and stuck it in our bathroom for a little added luck to our household.

Since purchasing this item, I have been put on the artist’s mailing list.  She sent out an email recently about a Black Friday sale, and I discovered these beautiful gems:


Here’s Boston and Austin, two of my favorite cities!  Your city may be there, too- she has many major American cities, worldwide cities, and even the Seven Wonders of the World, both Ancient and Modern.  That could make a pretty cool Christmas card, or Christmas gift! 

We’ll be sending the traditional photo card this Christmas.  They are sitting right here next to me on the desk, waiting to be put-together, stamped and shipped off after Thanksgiving.  What, you didn’t order your holiday cards by Halloween?  Actually, I don’t know where this fit of efficiency came from other than a visit to the Martha Stewart Show in October.  She can do that to a person.

Let me know if you want the scoop on that Black Friday sale at Architette Studios.  And you better share any Black Friday sale info you are holding as well.  Cause that’s what friends do, right?


One thought on “Sprucing up the bathroom

  1. You probably have the most awesome looking bathroom now. I am jelly.

    Also, thanks for reminding me that i need to work on Christmas cards. Yikes, it comes much faster than you think it’s going to!

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