“mom” cards

I forgot to show you my mom cards.  They were my Christmas gift to myself.


(my phone number is removed from the second line above, for obvious reasons)


Aren’t they beautiful?  My good friend Carina of Little Bird Creative helped me out with them.  You probably remember that she also helped me with the blog design.  She’s so great to work with and turned my vague ideas of chartreuse and navy and chevron into something way cooler than I would have come up with on my own.  Thank you, Carina.  My mom cards are so fun to hand out and hopefully I’ll expand my network and (possibly) readership with these.  So, if you see me at the park or the grocery store, looking lovely in tennis shoes, glasses, no make-up and yogurt on my pants fresh from breakfast with a toddler, rest assured these cards will be the most attractive thing I have on me and I would be happy to give you one.

Here’s one more look:




4 thoughts on ““mom” cards

  1. Very cool, Love the graphic! I bet there was pelnty of debate over which “profession” to list first, I love that you included all three.

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