Happy 4th of July

Otherwise known as my favorite holiday of the year.  We’re taking it easy this year- no annual 10k run, no driving around Georgia like crazy people (this is how we usually spend the day, if you are curious).  This year, with two little ones and move-out shenanigans starting up in about a week, we’re just hanging out, eating hot dogs, napping, enjoying the pool and taking in some fireworks tonight.  And I made a key lime pie, so that’s always festive, right?

I ran into a former co-worker yesterday and was reminded of my former life as an architect.  And the ample time (compared to now) I had to peruse the internet for laughs.  Here’s a site that Kevin, my co-worker, and I got a kick out of.  I may have blogged about it before.  It’s not new, AT ALL, but still hilarious.  And now with advertising from the very catalogs it makes fun of.


Here’s an example:


Gary, can you please just put the toothpicks in and stop saying you’re “claiming this burger for America” every time?

(Source: potterybarn.com)

Check out the site if you want to laugh some today.  And I guess there’s a book out now!  I’ll have to check that out myself.



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