House Wordle

Wordle: first house

November 1st:  First mortgage payment due.  Cheers!

I create a Wordle to celebrate the occasion.

We have been here just over a month now and we are LOVING it!  Being homeowners that is.  And our house.  We love it.  And the kids seem to love the house.  Rudy is still waiting on a bed to arrive (we tossed his old one during the move because it was pretty grungy) but I think once he has a bed of his own, he’ll be settled and in love with the house, too.

Being a homeowner has been a little different than I expected.  It’s a ton of work!  We were warned of this, but I think it’s a little like having a baby.  You don’t really know what it’s like until it’s right there in front of you, crying and needing to eat and be held.  And there, I just compared having a house to having a baby.  Clearly, I am tired because in no way are those two things even on the same plane but what I am trying to say is that we didn’t quite know what we were getting into, even though we’ve wanted this for so long, and we are still figuring out what it’s all about.

I’ll be updating our progress and posting about various decisions we’re dealing with.  Right now it’s the kitchen.  And that’s a BIG one.  More on that later.  But I want to be clear that this is not a DIY blog.  I say that because as much as I would like to be DIYing it up the ying yang here, it’s just not feasible for me to learn every trade and commit to blogging about it with two small children and a dog and husband.  Did I mention that they like to eat?  They do.  And wear clean clothes and play and make messes.  So I have that going on most of the day and the small bits of time in between to try and focus on house projects.  We rely on a LOT of help from our family members for their expertise and labor.  We’ve already had three weekend visits from family helping us get settled and start projects like painting and wallpaper pealing (more on that ALSO later).  We feel incredibly fortunate to have help because as I mentioned, this can be an overwhelming process.  As I type this, there are boxes in my room staring me down.  They will eventually be unpacked and organized.  But not tonight.  I’ll just share a few photos from the past few weeks so you can get a feel for what we have ahead of us.  First off is our new washer and dryer.  I went with a top loader/no agitator.  So far I am really happy with this purchase.  The capacity is incredible and I can still soak my clothes.  With a toddler and an infant, I do a lot of soaking.  Next up is my Start Somewhere photo.  Maybe we should start with that hideous stove?  Ughhh.  That thing is pretty grimy.  Those push buttons on the hood actually control the burners.  This is kind of a cool feature if you have small kids and you want to keep them away from the controls.  But that is about all this stove has going for it.  But what is the Start Somewhere about?  Well, that my friends is a family joke and you will just have to stay tuned.  Next is our little doodle bug, editing my kitchen sketches.  He is quality control, that’s for sure.  Lastly is Dr. Jay, my hero.  He spent most of last weekend underneath our house installing insulation between the joists in the crawl space.  You couldn’t get me to go underneath this house if you paid me.  He did a nasty job and saved us thousands of dollars by doing it himself and for that he is my hero.  I’ll be back with another update soon!


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