Kids’ rooms (part one)

Hi!  I’m still here!  I bet you thought we up and moved again.  NOPE!  Still here and having a grand time in Tennessee.  I think the kiddos are blissfully napping right now (they are in their rooms and it’s quiet so let’s call that good) so I thought I’d tell you a little about where they sleep.  First of all, this house is a quirky one as far as layout.  Officially, there are two bedrooms up and two down.  This makes arrangements for two kids and two adults a bit of a challenge, but I think we’ve managed to make the best of it.  Mark has his own room (for now) down the hall and we have a large room upstairs.  Ours is the largest in the house, but don’t be too jealous.  It also has the smallest closet.  No kidding.  And the closet has really annoying doors that slide so that part of the opening is always closed.  ANNOYING!  Currently Dr. Jay is keeping his clothes in a closet and dresser downstairs.  I hate this system but we haven’t really invested the brainpower to figure out something better yet.  Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the kids’ rooms.  Maybe the “master” bedroom we are using has such a small closet because there is such a large storage room right next to it off the hallway.  It’s so large, in fact, that we have Sawyer’s room set up in it.  It’s working pretty well.  There are no windows in it (which make photographing it difficult) but that makes it a perfect place for napping.  Mark’s room, on the other hand, has windows facing west and gets bright afternoon sun.  Sometimes he has a hard time falling asleep there.  Strike that.  Most times he has a hard time falling asleep.  But he’s getting so much better.  Don’t even get me started on his napping (or lack thereof) over the summer.  I came really close to ordering one of those mesh tents that fit on top of the crib and guess what?  You can’t buy those anymore.  Apparently there was a recall.  RECALL!  I think someone recalled Mark’s nap because we couldn’t pay the kid to take a decent nap this summer.  Things have improved over time (as I’ve learned they tend to do with kids) and I think getting Mark’s room set up here with all his stuff really helped.  Without further ado, let’s see some photos.


This is one of my favorite parts of his room- his reading nook.  We actually read stories here every afternoon before nap and every night before bed.  The story of this beanbag is a long one, but the short version is don’t buy a $20 beanbag from Target.  You are bound to regret it.  This is beanbag number two for us and I splurged for the “personalization” though de-personalized it with “Read”.  I wanted it to be all lower-case, but I guess the embroidery machines at PBkids aren’t set up for that.  Here is Mark, doing his thing in the reading nook.  This is not a staged photo, promise:


There’s no specific theme to Mark’s room, but there is a subtle pattern of maps.  The one just above him is from a seller on Etsy and has a real butterfly behind the glass.  The colorful one is a sheet of scrapbook paper from Martha Stewart.  Not sure if it’s still available.  Here’s another map in the room:


Hanging that map was a LONG time coming.  I bought it almost 2 years ago while thrifting with my sis-in-laws and mother-in-law.  In fact, I think she bought it for us.  We’ve been waiting for Mark to have a room big enough to hang it in.  My father-in-law installed it when he was here in October and I just love it.  Eventually, Mark’s bed will go up against that wall (short side of the bed).  For now, his sleeping situation is a crib in the middle of the room, but don’t ask unless you want me to go into a 20 minute discussion of toddler psychology.  That’s why I don’t have any full shots of his room.  The crib situation is embarrassing, but it’s working for us right now (our toddler is napping and sleeping by himself) so we aren’t going to change things up on him just yet.


I had fun stuffing this bookshelf.  The bottom two rows are FULL of books.  We love to read in this house.  I haven’t gotten Mark started on blogs yet, so for now it’s books.  HA.


Mark’s dresser with his Super Mark cape (courtesy of his aunt Martha) and fish painting by his aunt Laura.  Don’t mind that “You are my Sunshine” art- I still need to hang it.  Funny story about stuff made by his aunt Laura.  She’s made several things for our house (painted cards, a picture of an agave plant, sewed a foot pouf for me, etc) and we also have lots of stuff made by his aunt Ree, my mom, and plenty of other relatives.  But if you ask Mark where something came from, or who made it, inevitably he credits Aunt Laura. 

Last shot- Mark’s Schleich animal collection:


I try and get him one or two of these animals for his birthday and Christmas.  I just love how realistic they are, even if they aren’t to scale between each other (see the longhorn compared to the camel and hedgehog).  Eventually he and Sawyer will have a combined collection. 

The paint color in Mark’s room is Behr Ultra in Grey Morning.  I think these photos are pretty accurate as far as how it looks in person.  It’s a light blue grey that’s pretty subdued.  Colors like that are nice as the backdrop in kids’ rooms where their toys and books are so bright and colorful.  I can’t wait to photograph the room in its entirety when it’s all set up with his big boy bed.  All the photos in this post were taken with my iphone (hey, the light was working for me and Mark was cooperating so I did the best I could) but I’ll take more with a better camera when his room is outfitted with a real bed.

Part Two of this post will be Sawyer’s room.  I am  proud of the way we’ve made the space work. 
See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Kids’ rooms (part one)

  1. The room looks great! No apologies needed for kids sleeping situations – if it’s working, don’t rock the boat! Maybe he realized he could spend more time in his super cool room if he were sleeping.

  2. Ooh I love that roll-down old school map. Definitely a good find. You’ve done a great job in there… can’t wait to see more of the house and your kitchen project as it progresses!

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