Ahhh, much better


So. Much.  Better.

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My in-laws!  They saved the day!  Literally they should have been wearing super hero capes because they absolutely saved us and I hope they know how much we appreciate it.  Dr. Jay’s parents are die-hard do-it-yourselfers and there is nothing they can’t handle.  They were planning to visit us last weekend anyway to drop off a table that Dr. Jay’s dad BUILT  US (more on that one later) so they modified their plan a little to spend the entire weekend with their son RE-finishing our refinished floors.  They swooped in at 8 a.m Saturday and left before noon on Monday.  Dr. Jay rented two sanders and bought more stain and polyurethane and they all went to town on our floors.  And stairs.  I am making it sound a lot easier than I am sure it was.  It required a LOT of effort to undo some of the wrongs that were committed on those floors.  They put in long hours sanding and removing dust, then stayed up late to get the various coats on in order for the floors to be dry and usable by Tuesday night.  My mom graciously hosted the kids and I last minute so we could be out of the way (and the dust and the fumes) and we returned on Tuesday to a tired Dr. Jay and beautiful floors.  So much better.  Crisis averted, panic attack denied.

This week I am trying to put our house back together and actually unpack a little downstairs.  The floor project was definitely a barrier to that part of the move-in, and now I think we’re ready to get comfortable down there.  TWSS.

And we have a gorgeous new dining room table and chairs just waiting for guests of a dinner party.  Who’s coming over?  I make a mean chicken tikka masala. 


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