Table for Eight

It’s high time I showed you the newest furniture addition to our household: the farmhouse table Dr. Jay’s dad made.


It’s made out of beautiful walnut he acquired in Georgia, and it’s not even stained, just a few coats of poly.

It’s very large, 95” long and 42” wide.  We wanted it to be able to seat at least eight people, and we can certainly do that.  I bet we could even squeeze two more if we really tried.


I know, can you believe he made that?  We are so in love with it.  He did a beautiful job with the proportions, considering every detail from the thickness of the top and skirt to the tapering on the legs.  The legs are even bolted on so we can remove them should we need to move the table. 

Dr. Jay and I have been talking about getting a dining table for a while.  When we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last June we decided that since wood is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift, it made sense to get serious about a dining table whenever we found a home to move into.  Thank you, Grandpa, for making our farmhouse table dreams come true.

Side chairs are from West Elm, end chairs are Tolix knock-offs from World Market.  I was able to buy all of them during January furniture sales, and all the chairs are very sturdy and proving to be kid-proof.

Originally I was thinking that we should have a rug underneath the table to protect the floors and for some pattern, but then I realized that we don’t have quite enough space for two feet of rug on each side of the table.  You need two feet on each side so that the chairs stay on the rug when you pull them out from the table, and because of the way the window bumps out, I don’t have the clearance on one end.

window bump 

(Excuse the quarter-round molding we still need to attach from after the floor refinishing.  And the walls that need to be painted.)

Think I should do those FLOR tiles so that I can account for these corners? 


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