Getting started (again)

Guys, we have so much to talk about.  First of all, I’m back to blogging.  I guess I couldn’t stay away.  Or maybe potty-training our son is just too good of material not to blog about.  I’m kidding about that.  I won’t write about that I promise.  Take me out for coffee if you really want to hear about it.  It’s too awful to discuss online.

Anyway, so we finished remodeling the kitchen over the spring.  We like it a whole lot.  I am immensely proud of the kitchen we were able to pull off for the relatively small budget we gave ourselves (small in terms of the average kitchen remodel).  This was possible mainly with Dr. Jay’s dad’s construction help, a lot of elbow grease on our part, and (I’d like to think) smart decisions during design.  We didn’t move any plumbing around and kept the appliances mostly in their same positions.  Here are the two true Before and After photos we managed to take (from the same angles).  If anyone is interested, I can do a full write up of the sources or paint colors, etc.  I still have a few items to finish on the punch list (note the unpainted beam in the photo below) so these aren’t really final “After” photos.  But I’m happy to keep blogging about the kitchen if there is interest, otherwise I’ll move on to the other topics occupying my design mind.  Our bedroom.  The guest rooms.  The apartment.  I haven’t talked about the apartment yet?  So much potential.  SO MUCH.




4 thoughts on “Getting started (again)

  1. The transformation is incredible. Ditching the wood paneling and the lighter color with some open shelving makes the space look much bigger. Nice work! And glad to have you back to your blog.

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