Playhouse from Reclaimed Materials

This playhouse doesn’t exist yet.  It’s starting to come together in my head, though.

See, our neighbors left for a few weeks earlier this summer and, in exchange for mowing their lawn and generally watching over their house, they allowed us to use their lawn mower (it’s a nice one!) and play on their play set and in the playhouse in their backyard.  If we went outside for any length of time, the kids immediately went running towards the neighbors’ yard to play.  They loved the playhouse the most.  Mark would work on the house with all his tools, and Sawyer loved going in and out the front door, ringing the doorbell and peeking out the windows.  It was (in a very overused but so appropriate word to describe these kids) adorable.

So of course I want them to have a playhouse.  But not just any playhouse.  Of course, me being me, I want them to have a handmade playhouse.

We all remember the kids’ kitchen, right?

So the wheels have been turning with ideas for this playhouse.  I’d kind of like to be able to go to the Habitat Restore and pick up some old building materials (windows, doors, shutters, roofing) and see what we can come up with.  But I’ll also need some idea of what to look for, so I’ve started collecting inspiration images.




{old windows greenhouse by Lucy and Stephen Marr.  Photo from}

I know these are both greenhouses, but can you see my vision?  I want it to have all the niceties of a kids’ playhouse, but with a modern edge.  And made from reclaimed materials.

Sort of like Frank Gehry’s house for kids.


This brings up questions of scale.  I want it to be “their size”, but I don’t want to make it so small that it’s tough for us tall ones to get inside and have a tea party, too.  This is a problem with some of the pre-made playhouses I’ve seen.  We actually played in a great playhouse yesterday (that visit deserves a post on its own) but I didn’t have my camera with me to capture photos.

So at this point, I’m considering Materials, Form, Scale, and Site.  Those are all pretty important at the start of design.

We’ll revisit the playhouse.  I anticipate the start of construction to be early Spring 2014?


2 thoughts on “Playhouse from Reclaimed Materials

  1. Sounds great…wait till you see Sue Rusk’s greenhouse at the farm! A playhouse is the perfect spot for two imaginative kids.

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