My August, currently


{Brooklyn Bridge, taken with iphone during our walk across the bridge this summer}

Some bloggers I like do this “Currently” series and I thought I would join in on the trend.

So currently, I am

reading       this blog and this blog  (among many others)

listening to  the 99% Invisible podcast, my new favorite

sleeping      not enough

watching     just finished WEEDS season 8 with Dr. Jay, can’t wait for Mad Men to be released so we can catch up

excited        about painting our bedroom this color (not sure why it looks so gray onscreen when in person it’s much more blue), Mark’s new school, creating a painting with Dr. Jay, making a console table, Sawyer’s new words, LOTS OF THINGS

dreading     painting a beam in our kitchen

relaxing      about potty training, I see the light!

wearing      these jeans, rolled up just a little bit

eating         omelettes with veggies from our garden, and dark chocolate with sea salt

impressed  by all the work Dr. Jay’s put into our yard and garden these past few weeks, mostly after dark

What about you?  What’s going on with you in August?


3 thoughts on “My August, currently

  1. So much going on in Brooklyn, hope you had a great time… check out the Heritage Radio Network’s library of shows and podcasts (they are based in Brooklyn), I have really been into The Food Seen and so many more lately. A foodie’s radio dream. Me: ready for the season to be over… but looking forward to fall greens after a summer of eating nightshade family crops!

    • Awesome! I will definitely check out that Heritage Radio. I’m always looking for new podcasts. Great for when I’m painting at night! We only had a few hours in Brooklyn but we did a lot of walking and got to see Olmstead’s Prospect Park, which was so fun with the kids.
      I would be looking forward to your fall greens, too!

  2. Great post… Your blog stuff is now going into the Social tab of the new gmail, have to check it more often!!

    *Matthew and Susan* **

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