Sunday LOVE

Hi there. How is your weekend?  We’re having a nice little Sunday over here.  Nothing special, just enjoying some downtime and taking care of a few things after an epic week here (we got a couch!  I hung curtains all by myself!) and an epic trip to Michigan over the Labor Day weekend.  Oh my, that was a fun trip.


We stayed with Dr. Jay’s aunt and uncle who have a dairy farm in southern Michigan.  We saw lots of family (many of whom were meeting our kids for the first time) and enjoyed the farm life.

scootatfarmHello, Ladies!


I wanted to share a quick project I finished up in August but haven’t had a chance to post yet.  Check out the bookends I made for the guest room:

LOVEDuring the painting blitz I performed a few weeks ago, I gave these chipboard letters from Joann’s Fabrics a few coats of silver spray paint (purchased months ago in an attempt to cover some self-inflicted scratches on our stove- secrets, secrets).  This is a project I’ve been holding on to since the winter when I originally purchased the L-O- and E on sale at Joann’s.  They were out of the V, but I figured I would find it soon enough.  6 months later, here we are!  Anyway, the letters are individual, but I decided they’d be so much cooler configured this way and holding up some architecture and design books I love.  Get it?  I LOVE them.

I’ve always admired Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture in Philadelphia.


[photo from our trip to Philly in the fall of 2009.  Hi Stephanie!]

This is just the first step of many that need to take place in that guest room.  I’ve got plans for days: paint, duvet cover (I want to sew it), curtains, art, etc.  As you can see, that wall color and book shelf are looking pretty sad there beneath those sweet bookends.  But I’m also working on upgrading our bedroom and I hope to show you more on that soon.  Really, there’s a lot to work on in this house but I love it!

What are you upgrading these days?


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