Welcome, 2014!

I for one am really glad 2014 is here.  We truly had a marvelous 2013, but I am ready for some changes and the new year brings so many possibilities.  I’m trying to do everything with much more intention and purpose, so look out world.  My goal is to ask more of myself, and that will take the form of more blogging, seeking career opportunities, more fitness, more creativity, and the best mothering I can offer my kids.

Here’s something I was thinking of the other day.  We have a chalkboard surface in the kitchen and I think we all assume that when we have a chalkboard wall in the house it’s going to look something like this:



[Image source]


In my house, it usually looks more like this:



You see, as much as I try to inject order into our home, the kids still kind of rule the roost.  I guess this gets to the point  I’m trying to make, which is as much as I’d like to make architecture and design the single purpose of this blog, the kids I am raising are a part of everything I do.  They are a part of every decision I make, especially with design.  I see the world differently because I am their mother and it’s something I can’t ignore.  So as I sort out what to write about and share with you, know that it will always be design as I see it as an architect, wife, and mother.  It won’t always be perfect, but I wouldn’t miss moments like this for the world:



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