My February, currently

It’s still February for the rest of the day, so I thought I’d tell you what’s going on with me lately in this last post of the month.  March promises some pretty great things!

Currently, I’m…

reading    My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante.  I’m loving this book for lots of reasons, but mostly because it’s so well-written.  It’s one of those books I can’t wait to finish and, at the same time, I hope it never ends.  Good thing it’s the first of a trilogy.

Obsessing over    The Steelcase chair I found at a thrift store in Georgia over the weekend.  For 20 bucks. Victory is sweet my friends.  This is one of my Cold Dead Fingers finds that Mandi writes about.  Sure it’s burnt orange (Hook ’em!) but it’s in perfect condition and has me so pumped to begin designing my office.  MY office.  More on that soon.


Anticipating    The Opening of Veronica Mars in theaters March 14.  I’m a Marshmallow and if you don’t know what that means you should probably find out.  Guys, Logan is accused of murder AGAIN.  And searching out that link to the preview of the movie just caused me to watch 15 minutes of previews so thankyouverymuch!

Also Anticipating    A Bluegrass concert.  In a cave!

Planning    My version of a dollhouse for Sawyer for her 2nd birthday in June.  I will probably have to pull the trigger on some chairs like this.  COME ON these chairs are totally killing me.


[ mini Ghost Chair via eBay ]

Also planning    A yard sale in April.  To get rid of some things and also to help pay for the office I’m designing.

Researching    Fabrics for the cushions in our new (to us) Airstream.  Should I do a post on the newest member of the family?

Baking    These Sticky Buns which use my beloved pizza dough and are just the right amount of sweet

Sighing over    The fact that Sawyer is already climbing out of her crib.

That’s it for me in February.  What’s new with you?  And as I mentioned, March promises some pretty great things so stick around.


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