Happy Day-Before-Mother’s-Day

I’m sitting at my computer with Rudy lazing in the kitchen and it is gloriously QUIET around here. Someone in the neighborhood is mowing their lawn and I can hear the trickle of the water into the pond outside, but other than that it’s quiet and peaceful and I don’t get that around here too often during daylight hours, so I’ll take it.  

I know I haven’t been around here much in the last month.  We returned this week from a week-long road trip to the east coast where we reconnected with lots of family and friends and soaked it all in.  Our kids are turning out to be the ultimate road warriors, but I know we were all glad to return to Tennessee and get back to real life- you know, school, doctor appointments, taking care of the fish and the dog and the laundry.

Since I’ve already told almost everyone I know about this episode of 99% Invisible I listened to recently, I figured I better blog about it just to make sure it reaches some more folks.  This was such an interesting show about a skyscraper built in Manhattan that had a life-threatening design flaw, how it was discovered and how it was ultimately fixed.  It is a fascinating story and I do think you’ll love it.  Check out Structural Integrity from the 99% Invisible podcast, episode #110.  




[601 Lexington Avenue, source]

Also, a friend recently asked if I had any other design podcasts to recommend and I was astonished to realize that I don’t!  I just discovered The Lively Show podcast by Jess Lively, and though I’ve only heard a few episodes I think it will be a regular listen for me.  Any other design podcasts I should know about?  Also, are podcasts and vlogs going to eclipse blogs pretty soon?  Seems like a lot of great blogs are turning to audio and video to capture an audience, which is fine by me.  

Hope to get back to the blog tomorrow, but if I don’t, thank a mother for me.  I plan to make these carrot cake pancakes (which I originally enjoyed with my friend Amy on Mother’s Day two years ago at Founding Farmer in D.C) to start my day off right.


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