July, Still here (sometimes)

Hey Friends! I’m still here, trying to make the most of summer. We’ve been in and out, up and down for the past two months but I wanted to pop in and share a few things from the interwebs that I think are fun. So here are a few of my favorites:

This blog post from MPix for a sweet photography/art project with kids!

These incredible bus stops in Austria. Let’s go!

My friend Shane, in Austin, had work published at HOUZZ.com. It’s his house! Way to go, Shane!

These shorts! Pompoms and sleepwear- doesn’t get much better than that. Etsy is so awesome. I will either need to buy some of these or make them myself. Or someone could buy them for me!

Speaking of Etsy, I finally convinced MODwoodworks to put these bottle openers in his shop. These things are so cool. You need one. Everybody’s doing it!


I’ve ended it all with exclamation points! I’m just so excited about the internet’s offerings these days! Cheers!


p.s. I’ve finally joined Instagram. It was too big a force not to get sucked in. Follow me at racheldebacker and let me know- should I follow you?