July, Still here (sometimes)

Hey Friends! I’m still here, trying to make the most of summer. We’ve been in and out, up and down for the past two months but I wanted to pop in and share a few things from the interwebs that I think are fun. So here are a few of my favorites:

This blog post from MPix for a sweet photography/art project with kids!

These incredible bus stops in Austria. Let’s go!

My friend Shane, in Austin, had work published at HOUZZ.com. It’s his house! Way to go, Shane!

These shorts! Pompoms and sleepwear- doesn’t get much better than that. Etsy is so awesome. I will either need to buy some of these or make them myself. Or someone could buy them for me!

Speaking of Etsy, I finally convinced MODwoodworks to put these bottle openers in his shop. These things are so cool. You need one. Everybody’s doing it!


I’ve ended it all with exclamation points! I’m just so excited about the internet’s offerings these days! Cheers!


p.s. I’ve finally joined Instagram. It was too big a force not to get sucked in. Follow me at racheldebacker and let me know- should I follow you?




Guys, I’ve neglected telling you about some of the incredible projects that have popped up in our house in the past few months.  I’ve mentioned before what an incredible craftsman Dr. Jay’s father is.  Remember the farmhouse-style dining room table he made for us?



Over the past few month’s he’s jumped at helping us with small projects to furnish our house. Small projects for him, though they would be impossible for us to complete. He created this bar for us during the kitchen remodel (among the many other kitchen remodel projects he completed for us!)


I’m sitting at this bar right now, blogging.  It’s the perfect place to sit because it’s very close to the kitchen, where the food is!  We love the thickness of the walnut wood and the contrast it provides to the stone counters and white woodwork.  In the photo above you can see that little leftover space between the door and the counter in the kitchen, to the left.  We purposely left that spot open (free from cabinets) because we wanted to break up the long line of counter/cabinet/drawers on that wall, and because cabinets and drawers would certainly be in the way of the door anyway.  So we left it open until we came up with the solution for what to do with that space.  I went back and forth shopping for off-the-shelf pieces, which were super hard to find in the right dimensions, and something custom.  And how would we make something custom?  Dr. Jay’s dad to the rescue:

ImageFour open shelves, made of walnut, that serve as the drop-off/pick-up point for anyone headed outside.  It’s where we leave hats and mittens, my purse, out-going mail, wallet, etc.  It keeps these things from piling up on the counter.  It has saved the kitchen, really.  We used a hanging system for the top two shelves and a bracket system for the bottom two.  It was a trial getting everything level and precise, but doesn’t it look intentional and as if it was always there?  He routed out grooves on the bottom of these shelves so that the wire wouldn’t slide around and become unstable.  These shelves make us look a lot more organized than we probably are!


Another piece he made for us is this console table for behind the sofa.  We bought the hairpin legs (from Modern Legs, who were great to work with by the way!) and attached them with screws to the bottom of this walnut cherry wood he pieced together and finished off for us.



In short, Dr. Jay’s dad is an incredible carpenter.  His name is Matthew DeBacker and the whole family has been bugging him for almost a year to start selling his work.  He finally agreed to start an Etsy shop, so I’m proud to introduce you to MODwoodworks at etsy.com.  He has a few of smaller pieces listed right now (things like breadboards) mostly due to the issue of shipping, but if you are in the Atlanta or North Georgia area you could probably arrange pick-up or delivery of a larger custom item.  Matthew sources wood local to the southeast from felled trees or fences which he has milled down for lumber.  He seeks out incredible cherry, oak and walnut (we love the walnut all over our house) and amazes us with his technique in combining the pieces he finds.



Matthew is always enthusiastic about the challenge of a design project and makes everything with such high quality.  And most of all, it’s something that he loves to do.  Many of you have asked me in the past if he does sell his work, so I wanted to be sure and let you know that yes, it’s finally out there and I know he’d be interested in talking to you about your project!

Sprucing up the bathroom

Hello blogworld!  I know, it’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I’m busy, you’re busy.  I get it.  Can we still be friends?  Good, because I have something fun and (gasp) architecture-related to share with you. 

You all know how I’m a patron of the arts and everything, right?  I shop on Etsy.  Well, a few months back we were blessed with a brand-new bathroom courtesy of our landlady.  Things had been going down the you-know-where in there for a while and she stepped in and decided to completely replace everything while we were on an extended trip in California.  Wonderful.  Except that all the art and furnishings I had in the previous bathroom (which was a minty-hospital green with a lot of white tile) no longer seemed right in the new, very-neutral large-format tile with mosaic border bathroom.  My framed stamps and watercolor art were childish in there.  So I decided Etsy would help me.  I searched for “architectural drawings” hoping to find a line drawing that would save me from neutrality boredom.  Here’s what I found that eventually made its way to our bathroom:


It’s a construction drawing of a horseshoe.  Isn’t that clever?  We have a thing for horseshoes in this house.  There have been multiple discussions about them, and which way they should hang over the doorway for good luck.  So I framed this and stuck it in our bathroom for a little added luck to our household.

Since purchasing this item, I have been put on the artist’s mailing list.  She sent out an email recently about a Black Friday sale, and I discovered these beautiful gems:


Here’s Boston and Austin, two of my favorite cities!  Your city may be there, too- she has many major American cities, worldwide cities, and even the Seven Wonders of the World, both Ancient and Modern.  That could make a pretty cool Christmas card, or Christmas gift! 

We’ll be sending the traditional photo card this Christmas.  They are sitting right here next to me on the desk, waiting to be put-together, stamped and shipped off after Thanksgiving.  What, you didn’t order your holiday cards by Halloween?  Actually, I don’t know where this fit of efficiency came from other than a visit to the Martha Stewart Show in October.  She can do that to a person.

Let me know if you want the scoop on that Black Friday sale at Architette Studios.  And you better share any Black Friday sale info you are holding as well.  Cause that’s what friends do, right?

>Happy Valentine’s and a little Etsy Love


Just wanted to take the time to let you, dear readers, know how much I love ya and need ya!  Thanks for continuing to read the babbles of this sporadic blogger.  And I want to publicly thank my good friend, Carina, for helping me beautify and clean up my site.  If you haven’t visited lately and are reading this through Reader or some sort of RSS feed, please stop by and check out my new digs.  Carina, of Little Bird Creative, is a wonderful and patient designer who’s been helping me wade through HTML.  She’s really spiffed up the Babble and I am very grateful!

Visit her shop on Etsy to find beautiful, handmade letterpress cards like this one


and this one


She also does custom work, so check her out!

Another Etsy find of late:  the art of Kiki and Polly.  I am in love.  Here are just a few of my favorites.





I kind of really want that last one for Mark’s room.

Hope you are having a day filled with those you love!  I know I am.