Easter and “nesting”

Dude, is it spring yet?  I guess I still have a couple more weeks, but I am getting the itch for constant warmth and sunshine.  And it’s been such a mild winter I don’t know what I am complaining about, I think I’ve just been teased one too many times into thinking that winter is over.

In the meantime, I’ve been gearing up for Easter in some weird nesting bug that’s taken hold of me due to pregnancy.  I don’t think I’ve announced it on the blog, but we anxiously await number two (Little Sister as we’ve been referring to her) in June.  AND we have just decided to move south in the summer.  A mere six weeks after Little Sister arrives.  What, me worry?

We’re excited about both of these changes, don’t get me wrong.  But anxiety?  Well, yes, it’s beginning to set in.  As my need to nest and prepare for a new baby grows, so does the uncertainty of where we will end up in August.  How does one search for a nice home to rent when you can’t actually visit the city until the last minute?  This used to be quite the task when it was just Dr. Jay and I (and Rudy!) and we were looking for a place to rent when we moved from Texas to Georgia.  Now throw not one but two small children into the mix and see if you don’t start to feel a little anxious.

I’m eager to start decorating a room for this next baby.  I’ve started a board on Pinterest, I’ve ordered a new chair, a new crib (which is being stored at our dear friend’s house as we certainly have no space to hold it!), and picked out a color scheme.  I’m driving Dr. Jay crazy with a bag of little girl clothing I’m hoarding.

And in the mean time, I’m stocking up on Easter treats for Mark’s Easter basket (the first one he can truly appreciate), and looking forward to spring which will surely bring answers to all my “What lies ahead?” questions.  And of course having a few Easter treats of my own.


Can you resist these?  I certainly cannot.


7 thoughts on “Easter and “nesting”

  1. Thanks, Amy! We are moving to Tennessee, probably Franklin outside of Nashville. Jason accepted a teaching position a few weeks ago and we’ve been settling into the idea ever since. Details offline 🙂

  2. That is awesome- of course I was hoping (selfishly) it would be closer to us but I know y’all will LOVE Nashville! And you already know people there, too! Can’t wait to hear details!

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